I work in the tech industry (indeed both of us involved in this project do) and occasionally I spend time speaking to people from Google. I tell them that when we embarked on this project, that we scheduled the installation of fast broadband internet, ahead of having a working toilet. It makes people laugh and I imagine that they perhaps thing it is just an amusing lie, but it’s true. Without web access, there would be no access to YouTube and therefore, no access to the mountain of useful ‘how to’ guides it contains.

True story; The first full day of the project, I’d ripped out most of the old stinky kitchen, aside from the sink. I knew we needed to rip out the bathroom too so that the remedial work could begin in there too. Trouble is, that I’d never before done any plumbing of any real note (plumbing in a washing machine or dishwasher aside). There were pipes that needed capping and even though the water was off at street level, they needed to done right or we’d flood the place once it was turned back on again.

So, the following 2:35 is what I watched before embarking on those tasks. Just this video, no more and no less, then skipped down to Wickes to buy the necessary tools and fittings.

A couple of re-watches, a tenner’s worth of kit and a few hours later and the kitchen and bathroom had all their pipes capped. Later on – when we came to take on the kitchen – I used that same set of skills to run new copper pipework around the new units, fitted brass taps and spurs for the dishwasher and washing machine. Again, no new learning materials, just what I’d learned from that quick, simple video.

Plumber's wrench and a pipe cutter; two of the 4 things you need to do virtually all the plumbing tasks in your house (well, *compression* plumbing tasks, anyway).

Plumber’s wrench and a pipe cutter; two of the 4 things you need to do virtually all the plumbing tasks in your house (well, *compression* plumbing tasks, anyway).

At some stage soon, I’ll enlarge on the tasks themselves – they really are not that complicated to perform, other than a bit of bravery and preparation -but for now, if you’re thinking I’m fibbing, watch the video. Looks easy doesn’t it? That’s because, for the most part, it is really straightforward.

From that starting point, other tasks from wall tiling, mixing and applying half-bond and multi-finish plaster were learned in no small part from YouTube videos. Indeed, only one task that was attempted this way went badly wrong…. bending copper pipe using a bending spring is far more difficult than it looks in the videos (and explains why the image shows that I used compression elbow joints eventually, having wrecked a bit of copper pipe in the process of learning that lesson).

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